Praising the Mundane [Life Hack]

What is the basis of this reality? How does it work?

When I’ve “zoomed out” my perspective to see from a broader point of view, it looks like this reality of made of layers. From least dense / most dispersed to most dense and organized. As consciousness, we can view our life through any of these layers of reality.

We can rise, or float to a perspective that feels lighter. We see the details of our life less refined and vivid, but they also feel better somehow. It’s like when you’re imagining a scenario. In your imagination space, things move around easily. They’re fuzzier, easier to play with, easier to feel good about.

Then, when you move out of your imagination space and look into “real” reality, things feel harder to move and more defined. In both these cases, only the lens through which you’re viewing your life is shifting.

All states of reality, from most dispersed to most dense, are Real. They’re all existing at once. It’s your perspective that shifts to experience your life from different view points.

If let’s say, your thinking about having an awkward interaction with somebody and you shudder and think “ick, I definitely don’t want to experience that in real life!”

You did in fact experience that interaction, but from a less dense perspective. It made an impact on you emotionally, but one that could be brushed off more easily.

If we take ‘You’ in that experience and shift your perspective to the more dense layer of reality, ‘You’ would have experienced that awkward interaction in a more physical space. The interaction would have been more defined and solid, containing ‘real’ people and elements of space and time. This too would have caused an emotional reaction, one that might be harder to shake!

So at all times, reality is being experienced as a multitude of layers of density. Depending on where you’re viewing from, the experience seems more light and fuzzy or dense and defined. This of course, is happening on a spectrum or range from light to dense.

I’ve outlined the above to preface this idea of Praising the Mundane. As we reach for and imagine something beautiful in our lives, we float up to the layer where it exists. We experience it first with our lighter perspectives, feeling its ease and beauty.

This is why when we’re in a displeasing situation and we escape into our minds, we imagine the potential of something Better. And in that imagination space, it’s not only better, but it bears that heavenly glow of the lighter layers of reality.

Things always seem better when we imagine them than when they become ‘real’. Another way of saying that is, when we rise to lighter layers of perspective we praise and enjoy what we experience. Then, as we move into denser layers of perspective, some sense of joy or praise dissapates.

It calls forward the question, Is this an inevitable result of the more dense layers of perspective, or is it a practiced response? Furthermore, can we adjust our response to elevate our view of the denser states?

I believe part of what feels so good and heavenly about the lighter layers of perspective is their lack of specificity. There is less detail to have an opinion about. The energy moves about easier, the details you are experiencing can be shifted and adapted more easily.

As we descend into denser reality layers, energy formations move slower. Details are more refined and defined, and so they seem to take longer to change. The ‘magic’ of those lighter layers seems to disappear.

What is that magic? It’s flow, fluidity. Quite literally being in a lighter state of reality. In my mind, if I’m dating Bob and then prefer to date Bill…it’s an easy switch. In the denser perspectives, I would have to go through an Unfolding or Process to switch from Bob to Bill. There would be more to take into account, more to process, more to ‘deal with’.

But the benefits of the denser states are many. We become more differentiated than ever before. The separation between things is so defined. As consciousness, we can truly become an ‘I’ having a full experience. We can become part of the very picture-show we are projecting.

Herein comes the idea of suffering. Suffering is identifying so much with ‘You’ as a You, that you cannot distinguish between your projection and the observer of the projection.

It’s like actors who become fully immersed in their roles. It’s exciting, visceral, dramatic. A rich experience of immersion. But at some point or another, they have to remember who they really are. The bounds of the character their playing will inevitably become to restrictive.

So how do we experience the deliciousness of full immersion without losing that warm glow of light that exists in the less dense layers?

The answer is in Remembering. Associating. Remembering what that experience felt like in your imagination and knowing that This is what it looks like in the denser realms.

It can’t look like it did in your imagination. Because this is what it looks like when it’s made ‘real’. This is the denser expression of that beautiful fantasy. And so we praise it for what we know it is. We praise its more ethereal form and we praise its more dense form, because it’s all the same. All one strand of Thought or Idea, expressing in a variety of densities.

One day, towards the very end of a beautiful relationship I was in, I looked at my partner and thought of how boring he had become. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He was so blah. After a few moments of looking at him, I began to remember what he looked like when I first met him. I closed my eyes and remembered.

He was all lit up. I remember feeling like someone had turned on a light inside my chest. He was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. I remember running across the features of his face with my eyes. I felt so thankful then, like I wanted to shout and yell how happy I was.

I opened my eyes and looked at him again. He wasn’t blah or boring at all! He was beautiful again. All lit up. It was like I was seeing him for the first time, again. It wasn’t him that changed at all, it was me all along. The eyes through which I gazed at him had changed. And then, I loved him again.

Love connects the layers of perspective. Love is remembering. Remembering the light that bore that physical manifestation you’re observing. Seeing that light even as you take in the imperfections of physical form.

It is seeing with multiple perspectives at once. With the eye of the divine and the eye of human form. The divine is consciousness that exists in the lightest layers, closest to our base or original formlessness. The human is consciousness that is furthest from formlessness, our more dense perspective.

Can we see with two minds at once? I believe we can. Through remembering. Through love, admiration, and praise.

Two parts of us always exist. The observer that shifts perspective, experiencing different layers of reality, and the personality self that becomes one with the experience being observed.

We can gaze at the view from the top of the mountain and see the outlines of the clouds and trees and all the vivid colors, and at once feel the levity and beauty of what we’re beholding. In the same way, try looking at those mundane details of your life. See them for what they are, not mundane at all. In every detail is Heaven manifest into more pronounced form.

In praising the mundane by remembering its heavenly expressions, we naturally become happier and more in love. There isn’t a sense of disappointment, because we know the truth behind every expression.

So when something becomes boring or difficult, say to yourself, “Help me see its lighter forms. Help me see the light of the divine in this form.” And then relax your gaze and let yourself be carried to truth. Let that Truth express freely, and let the physical world before you become remade.

A New Approach to New Age

[This is Part 2 of a series. Read my last post here.]

Thoughts create your reality. We’ve heard it before. We tried to master the techniques of controlling our thoughts, pointing them in the direction of Wanted. Felt the highs and lows of advances and set backs.

Something began to feel so strange about this constant obsession with getting things or experiences that I wanted. It felt stale or like it was missing something. One day I had a vision where I saw different layers of experience.

There was the layer of physical-material things, people, and experiences connected to the material world. And there seemed to be a layer hovering right over that layer where a different part of us was focused. I like to call it the Participation Space.

In that layer, we are more connected to each other and are planning and arranging experiences to be had in the material realm. Like a conclave for our spirit consciousness.

I saw the ability for us to have a life experience that included more awareness of our Participation in that layer that hovers right above the material. There was more fulfillment, more satisfaction. Things were no longer just Things, but they were experienced more fully and robustly.

It felt like the next evolution of consciousness. The next frontier isn’t about controlling and directing Thought to achieve material things. This activity would become mundane and too easy, no longer a satisfying challenge to our larger selves.

How do we connect more with the Participation Space and become less preoccupied with manifesting our desires?

All that we see and experience around us is a reflection of our larger whole. Energy goes through some kind of filtration system and reflects back to us our reality.

It seems to follow that this “filtration system” would mix things up for us to keep life interesting. Beyond the Law of Attraction, is there another Law which diversifies the output?

I imagine that harmonizing with that Law, or mechanism, is related to rising above the need for specific outcomes. Going beyond Attachment or Preoccupation with the Manifested. Honoring physicality, but going beyond physicality. So that we experience this reality from a different perspective, a fuller perspective.

Life is no longer about attaining, as much as it is about Participating. Feeling a greater connection to the consciousness behind physicality. Redefining satisfaction so its determined by the level of Participation, rather than outcomes.

Perhaps the Buddhist idea of non-attachment and enlightenment is somehow intertwined with this concept. Some interpret non-attachment more literally as abstaining from Having physical things. Finding more connection beyond the physical than WITHIN the physical.

As I see it, it’s not about releasing Things because Things cause attachment and thus, hinder enlightenment. It’s really not about Things at all…and so, in this projection of reality, there is no need for abstinence at all from the physical world and its things.

It’s about rising above and beyond attachment, rather than non-attachment. Seeing two worlds, side by side, intrinsically intertwined. In one perspective, the physical world expresses and is observed. In the other, intertwined perspective, a relationship between consciousness gathers and communicates, playing energetically with the world of Things.

From this perspective, we, as self-aware humans, have the ability to sustain full awareness is both worlds simultaneously. We participate from an expanded consciousness with other consciousness to play with energy, to see from that perspective more regularly. As well as continuing to create into the Physical from a more-specifically oriented focus.

Every creation becomes more than what it’s produced. It becomes about the energetic interplay that happened (and continues to happen) in the assembly of those specific details and experiences that came together.

Can we have an eye looking into this ‘behind the scenes’ of energetic interplay of consciousness, while simultaneously participating in the physical realm of Things? I believe we can, and that is where humanity is headed. Not into better mastery at making things “Real”, but into experiencing reality from an expanded perspective. Having the ability to perceive beyond our five senses, but not forsaking those senses – just expanding.

Confessions of an Energy Worker: An Interview with MysticMag

I had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah at MysticMag and answering some questions about being intuitive, what being ‘psychic’ means to me, and how I use my gifts to connect with others.

It always a bit challenging to talk about the metaphysical realm and what I do, but I love the experience of trying to put something large and abstract into words. Luckily for me, Sarah was able to translate my words perfectly into written form.

Here is an excerpt of the interview, read the full version at

When did you start practising intuitive readings and why?

I started tarot reading in 2007 and then I started my current format of intuitive readings a little over a year ago. I’ve always been tuned in to something a little bit deeper and have always been curious about intuitive readings so it came quite naturally to me.

When did you first start to believe or feel that you were ‘different’ from others, in that you could tap into people’s energy sources and make a difference?

When I was about four or five years old, I started seeing a milky white cloud around people, and I could understand what people were feeling without them having to explain. If I touched them on a certain part of their body they would calm down. I thought this to be totally ‘normal’ until much later in life.

I knew that I was feeling more about people and seeing deeper than others did or could and it was as if I had access to a ‘backstage’. I was going behind a curtain of perception. 

Today, because I have spent so much time in peoples’ energy fields, this vision of a cloud has become more refined and sophisticated. I have a better understanding of what I see.

…continue reading here

New Age Thought: Is It Really That New?

I soak up metaphysical philosophies like a sponge. I love twisting and turning my perspectives to see things in a new ways. Challenging old beliefs, for me, is the only way to evolve.

The idea that Thoughts turn to Things, dates as far back as (at least) the times of Jesus and his teachings. We’ve seen the same idea reinvented and re-worded to better relate to current times.

From the Seth Books, to The Secret, to Abraham Hicks many have been changing their approach to life and their thoughts in the pursuit of achieving dreams and desires.

I remember my mind expanding as I imagined into the possibility of having more creative control in my life. I liked the idea of feeling less powerless in life and more deliberate. For years I’ve been weaving new teachings into daily life and evaluating the outcome [in terms of overall life happiness as well as dreams attained].

For awhile I took a break from “working” the philosophy of Manifesting my desires. I wanted to not care for a bit. And slowly, a new idea started creeping in. Something that felt better. Different. Exciting.

I was thinking about the Law of Attraction and how I’d been applying the teachings of deliberate manifestation. I felt as though in practice it was all starting to feel uncomfortably familiar.

That there was this Law, or the idea of The Universe at large, responding to you. An invisible Power. If you could get your thoughts just right, your energy just right, Good Things would be bestowed upon you. But if your thoughts were off, your energy pointing in the wrong direction, Bad Things would come-or the absence of the Good you asked for.

And when things didn’t work out the way you thought they would, it was your fault. “What am I doing wrong? How can I be better?

So you try harder, apply yourself more than ever before. Still, the results are not consistent.

I felt at times oppressed by an invisible power that dictated whether I got what I wanted and whether I didn’t. And it was based upon whether my thoughts and actions were…in a sense…good enough. And when they weren’t, I was to blame. It was as though I had an instruction manual to life, but some important pages were missing.

I loved the idea of these teachings from a technical stand point. But they began to echo the age-old battle between Good and Evil. Drawing familiar parallels with religious texts that speak of sin and redemption, pleasing God or feeling His wrath.

Why is there so often a gap between knowledge and practice? Are the teachings incomplete? Or is it that humans tend to fall back into the idea of worthiness, reward and punishment, no matter what new path is available to be followed.

Will we ever be free of feeling like Sinners…hoping for the Grace of an all powerful Entity?

Is there another approach to mastering life? I believe there is.

This is Part 1 of a series.

Divine Expression

Wallace D. Wattles writes of a boy sitting at a piano, frustrated that he can’t compel his hands to make the music he feels inside. He uses this story to illustrate that feeling we all have to create. That compulsion to Do and to Become.

Wattles writes, “God, the One Substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. He is saying “I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine harmonies, to paint glorious pictures; I want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs,” and so on.”

I feel like this is one of those very core challenges of our human life. We feel that undeniable urge to do something or become something and we’re not sure how to get there. One of the most frustrating things I can think of is trying to express something I feel so strongly and yet don’t possess the skills to accurately bring forward.

It’s another way of describing potential. The potentiality of what we may become and what we might do. In the space of infinite potential, we are masters of all things. But how do we live out that potential? How do we birth the ideas flowing through our mind and desires coursing through our spirit?

I’ve often stood at that threshold between the deep urge to bring something forward and the actual manifestation of that feeling. It can be disheartening, infuriating. Like sitting in front of a blank canvas with a flood of creative energy inside you, but there’s a gap between you and the paints and brushes. Some strange crevice separating the potential from its fruition.

A few months ago I was contemplating that desire to create-to create something new. It was hard. It felt hard to speak the words in the write way, or to draw the picture as it should be. Like no expression of that feeling within would justify it fully.

And I thought, well that must be the point. No One creation can be good enough or complete enough to express the divinity that flows within us. So maybe it’s not about completeness. Maybe it’s the furthest thing away from perfection. Maybe the point is in the practice of trying. The attempt to give expression to the divine within.

Maybe that divine breath of life isn’t wanting to express a complete picture or outcome, maybe it just wants to express. Maybe it’s not about that boy becoming the greatest piano player in the world, maybe it’s about the steps he takes. How that urge within shapes him and his reality.

Isn’t it true that all the decisions we make and thoughts we ponder are related to some desire inside of us? That our Wanting absolutely shapes our lives and our personalities.

And so perhaps feeling complete and satisfied doesn’t come from fully becoming what’s in our mind but in the movement in the direction of its fulfillment.

Maybe God just wants to you go this way or that way, not to get somewhere, but to experience the Movement. The feelings, thoughts, and experiences that arise when you choose to move forward in a direction or Towards something. Maybe that’s what life is.

As I look back on my life, it seems to be made up of experiences compelled by my desire to get somewhere or have something. Really it’s a slideshow of events that wouldn’t have been playing if I wasn’t chasing something.

Do we have a life if we aren’t chasing something? Is life made up of: The Story of You…Trying. The Unfolding of an Attempt. The Story of How I Got Somewhere and Decided I Wanted to Be Somewhere Else [Part IV].

But we can’t help but feel the irresistible urge to Express, to Want. And it doesn’t matter if the expression is a mess or a graceful dance, only that its allowed a Way. And when you give it a Way, you are satisfying yourself and All That Is. Simply so.