Readings by Heba

Come Home to Yourself



Channeling ~ Spiritual Coaching ~ Energy Work

I channel directly from the source of all things-the database of eternal knowledge. I read into your energy field and describe what I see, answer your questions, as well as suggest insight to consider for moving forward.

Allow me to guide you back to your true knowing and discover yourself once again.  It is my intention that you feel seen and fulfilled during and after each session.

As well as individual readings, I specialize in group readings.

It’s been an honor to participate in sacred events such as family or friend reunions, wedding party celebrations, and healing retreats. These readings allow for deeper connection between the members of the group and bring forward insight and revelations.

We begin with a short meditation and reading for the group as a whole, and then dive deeper with specific readings for each individual.

All the Details…

What Do I Do, Exactly?

I create a relaxed space for us both. I’ll go into a shallow to deep trance and forge a clear connection, or channel, to higher knowing.

My consciousness expands and I travel to the space of pure light and love. The space where all is known and all of our consciousness unites. I allow a connection to be made between our everyday knowing and All The Knowing.

There are two ways of understanding this channeling experience. In one understanding, I am expanding my consciousness to travel to the space where all is known, and then transmitting, translating, and relaying verbally what I find. Another way to look at it is, I am connecting to the highest guides who help me access the necessary data and connect with the most relevant and loving information to relay back to you. Both points of view are correct. They are different perspectives of the same experience.

I always intentionally connect with the highest and lightest guides, stating clearly my intention to provide the most beneficial and most loving reading. I also intend to translate in the most accurate, clear, and relatable way to the person I’m reading. The reading you receive will be the most beneficial to you as directed by your higher guides.

Energy work may be done before the verbal part of the reading begins, as well as throughout the reading. You’ll see me moving my hands and arms, clearing a path or clearing your light body of congestion so that I can see you clearly. Energy work involves re-balancing your energy densities and dispersion.

The movement of my body is merely an outward expression of the work that’s being done “inside” or “underneath” the physical structures (or within the lighter energy layers that cover your physical body). Because one of the very first things I do is to connect to your soul or higher being, this work is being allowed and facilitated by a part of You. I cannot access any knowing or move any energy with out your consent and participation.

What I Believe

We are beautiful light beings having a human experience. Within us all is the wisdom needed to have a satisfying and fulfilling experience. We rise and fall like the waves of an ocean; sometimes forgetting who we are and why we are here. We all need help remembering and coming home to ourselves when we feel “off”, lost, or unfulfilled. You have the capacity to come back into the joy of your life and there are many helpers along the way to inspire you and help in your process.

My Intention

My intention is to come into the most peaceful, joyful state of light that I can and provide a space of wholeness where we can have a conversation. My focus and attention will be on the light that breathes life into our lives. I will see you as the whole of who you are, beyond the veils of personality and identity.

The Experience

You may feel immersed in an atmosphere of peace and love. In this state of calm, you can ask questions about anything you would like. You may ask for clarity or insight into certain areas of your life or reality as a whole. Your questions may be as personal and specific or general as you would like.

What to Expect

Through out the reading and as it comes to a close, expect to feel good! Many report experiencing immense relief, a feeling of being loved, and peace of mind.

Reasons for Readings

Questions about anything having to do with the specifics of your life. Love, relationships, money, or career.

Questions about the meaning of your life, or life in general. Wanting to know more about your purpose, evolutionary path, or the nature of this reality and other dimensions of reality.

To feel relief or clarity about a confusing or troubling situation in your life.

To feel connection and love, reestablishing the union between you and your higher knowing.

Questions about ailments or healing.

To clear and update your energy space, remove resistance and encourage easy flow of life energy.

If you have questions about channeling, who I’m channeling, or where they’re coming from. Or you have questions about your own intuitive gifts.

Fun! Explore what messages your higher being has for you. Get to know your guides. Understand what you look like as an energetic being.

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My readings are intended for potential personal upliftment and self development only. Please check in with trained professionals in any field where you want more practical information or clarity. I am not a trained medical or legal professional in any capacity. Listen to your own intuition and wisdom and seek professional help when needed.