Mind, Body, or Spirit?

[how I translate messages from Spirit]

Where does ailment exist? In the mind, the body, or the energetic field?

When I ask my guides, it’s seems to vary depending on each individual’s situation.

Sometimes it’s a shift in thinking, moving energy in the energy field, a change of diet, or they’ll advise a trip to the doctor’s.

I always find it fascinating that it doesn’t matter the external ailment, the answer ranges from “don’t worry about that” to “take this action NOW”.

An externally acute condition can have an “easy” energetic fix, whereas something like a headache they’ll advise tending to with urgency.

I use words like “urgency” because that’s how I translate The Collective’s messages sometimes. Not because they’re worried, but the information coming through is so fast, sure, and unwavering, my human self translates this as NOW, DO IT NOW.

Messages from spirit look and feel like…a magnifying glass or telescope. If the message is very “close up”, vivid color, clear and high contrast, I translate that as “Most Relevant/Most NOW.”

Something that you’re most *ready* to hear or it’s a good time to click into it.

Other messages are softer, further away. Like trying to focus in on a far away star with a telescope.

That’s part of my work too, to travel with someone to that distant star and take a closer look.

But sometimes information is far away because it needs to be. It’s not a good time, or there is something more relevant for the person First, before that information comes forward.

I love the range and variety of information that comes through from The Collective. It can be very conceptual and abstract or as specific as “eat more oranges, your body is asking for them.”

One thing I’ve learned [and continue to learn and remember] is that there’s no need to panic. The answers are always here. And they’re available in a way that’s most easy for you to digest or understand.

You don’t need a psychic medium or a guru or a priest. You just need yourself. All those “middle folks” help you to remember how to listen.

Disruption in your field is always saying something. It’s not because you messed up or you’re unloved. Not because you’re doomed or life has it out for ya. Not because you’ve done anything wrong.

Disruption in your field is saying, “Hey! Hey, look at this, look at this.” And when we don’t listen it just gets a little louder because the message is important. HEY! Lookit this!

Important means your life is saying something to you like, “Hey human I love you! I’m looking out for you! We’re on track to all you’ve wanted, living some of it every day. But we need alittle revision right here.”

“We need you to look over here for awhile.” Or “give that less attention please.”

The disruption is not the problem.

In our society we want to distract or destroy disruptions so quickly. But they’re helping, not hurting. They’re trying to get your attention to revise something.

Don’t squash the messenger. Listen.

Next time, before you rush to run from or squash a problem. Just say, “I’m listening. Ok. I see you. What are you trying to tell me? I know my life is always looking out for me so… I’m listening. Tell me.” And give it some time, but be observant. Tune into yourself. “What’s calling my attention? Nagging at me?”

The answer is always there. Always. There’s nowhere for an answer to be but right in front of you, right within you. Every time.

Foggy Mountain Mornings

I find relief to be a fascinating thing. One minute you’re all bound up, and the next, you feel lighter.

After a period of feeling “off” or depressed, what is it that makes things better?

Is it all the little things that you do to improve your mood? Is it hormones? Chemicals in your brain? An energy shift? Or just the natural ebb and flow of life?

I do know that if I do nothing, it seems to last forever. But sometimes I’ll do everything, and I can’t quite shake it.

The other day I woke up and I could feel a lightness coming back to me. I could breathe easier, I felt more like myself.

Over the next couple of days, it got better and better. I was energetic, happier, more creative.

I sat with myself and thought, how did this happen? What’s changed?

I’d been doing the energy work, lowering my stress at work, I started eating more vegetables and exercising more. I spent more time in nature.

Maybe it was all of those things combined…but inexplicably I felt relief.

In this new state of relief, I listened to my thoughts. They were different than before. Here are some notable characteristics of these thoughts:

No comparing – I wasn’t comparing where I was to anywhere I’d been before or anywhere that I “could” be. I was just HERE.

Letting go – I wasn’t thinking about where I thought I would be, based on my life the months prior. I let go of the old vision of where I thought I’d “end up”.

Taking it easy – I was taking life ‘one bite at a time’. I realized I was pushing so hard to feel AMAZING and pushing myself to hit the ground running. But in reality, I was processing things as fast as I could. I couldn’t go faster. I couldn’t be HAPPIER. And when I tried, it felt like I would get an energetic knockdown.

So these things aren’t the way that I felt better, but the result of an improvement. I held on to them and amplified them. I stopped thinking into those really tangled/hot button issues I was dwelling on before.

I know that the thought streams I was partaking in before were keeping me a bit frozen in an unhappy place. I could see the beauty around me, but I wasn’t letting it in.

I breathed. I let go. I remembered that I can’t see the big picture, but I can KNOW that where I am is BEST. On the way to more Best.

I’ll say one thing about the Way to feeling better…because it’s always relevant and always helps…

Sometimes in the scuffle of life, we forget that the life force that runs through us is ON OUR SIDE. It wants our best health, our success, our happiness.

It’s so important to sit with yourself sometimes and feel your breath, feel your aliveness and smile.

Saying things like, “Thank you. I know you’re here for me. I know source energy loves me. The energy that flows through me and my physical body have an optimal relationship. They know each other. They communicate so well. All for my highest. And so it is. Obviously so.”

And it’s important to say these things out loud because we forget and need to proclaim our remembering. To remember that life is on our side. Our body is on our side.

I’ve found these to be the most powerful statements. My life is on my side. My body is on my side. We share the exact same goals of well-being. And so it is. Because that’s how it is.

And when you proclaim it, you alleviate any discomfort from subconsciously denying those truths.

I write these things because we’re always in the ocean of life. Sometimes riding a wave and sometimes caught in an undercurrent.

And remembering is most important. Remembering how to swim back up to the surface, when to surrender, and when to get yourself together and ride that wave.

The Layers of Living

I crouched down into the grass and put my palms against the earth. My feet were wet from walking through the morning dew.

I listened. It was quiet. I heard a couple of birds chirping and the distant hum of lawn mowers.

I let the quiet take me in and whisper to me its secrets.


I felt held by the ground beneath me. Not just the spinning earth, but something else. Like there was a presence holding me too. More pervasive than the air; it seeped into my cells and whispered, “Steady.”

I let myself be held.

And there, in this silent embrace, I saw two worlds.

One was the world of the mind. It was busy! There were words and images and colors flying through at dizzying speeds and variety.

I could hear bits of their noise, it sounded like my thoughts, telling lines of stories. Busy, busy, busy.

And underneath that world, another. This one was quiet. It felt thick like hot, humid summer air.

It let the other world play on top of it. Like a stage supporting the acts of a play.

It didn’t seem to care what stories were playing out. It just held steady in its own knowing of itself.

I looked closer at this quiet world, I felt into it.

It just said, “Steady, steady, steady.” And it seemed to smile, just a bit, like those statues of Buddha or the Mona Lisa.

I remembered that it really doesn’t matter what I’m doing. My story is supported. Whether the story makes me cry or rejoice. I’m still held, loved, supported. I can at any point choose to speak a different story.

I remembered to tell my conscious mind to relax a little. To remind it that we’re taken care of. And to let it be. To let go of the heavy weight and let it drop into that quiet and be held for awhile.

And watch how magic effortlessly seeps into our life.

God in a Garden

I decided to go for a stroll around my neighborhood on my day off. There was still unexplored land to tread on. I let my curiosity guide me and ended up at the doors of an Episcopalian church. I cupped my hands around my eyes and peeked in through the glass doors.

Churchy looking on the inside.

I wondered if it was one of those churches where all were welcome, or if it was more exclusive. I searched my brain for episcopal references.

Sex and the City, I think Charlotte was Episcopalian.

I walked around to the side and found a view of a beautiful garden. There was a stone labyrinth, a fountain, benches.

A few Blue Jays were flitting about. I asked if they were Episcopalian, they didn’t respond.

I stared at one and it stared back at me. I asked the Blue Jay if it knew God, it didn’t respond.

I soaked up the pretty view with my eyes. How that garden felt so protected from the outside world. Open 24/7 to critters and creatures, but mostly closed to those of human kind.

I wondered if God was there, in this space built for devotion.

God, spirit, the unknown. What the heck was it? And why did we seek with such thirst and fervor?

I asked into the air, what are you? [Asking the church.]

It replied, “A place to Remember.”

To remember what? That we’re more spirit than human? Something beautiful and esoteric?


The reply felt more simple….

To remember that this is a story.

Millions of interwoven and interconnected stories, whew. That’s a lot of story telling.

I looked again at the garden. I took a deep breath. “A Place to Remember”

I found my way to the center of the story.

To the voice behind the words and the breath behind the voice.

There, it was peaceful.

What Kind of Medicine Are You?

What ails you? And what is your drug of choice?

I veered away from Western Medicine mainly years ago, having had some experiences that were more harmful than helpful. I dipped a toe in Eastern Medicine. Dabbled in some ancient forms of healing, and meandered my way to Energy Healing.

I ended up in a place that sounded like, “If it calls to you and it feels right, trust yourself.” And that felt best. I use whatever works, when it works.

And I’ve inevitably been faced with certain circumstances where I have to decide, ‘Well, who are you? Who am I? What kind of medicine am I?’

I was presented with such a time again, and I looked up Natural Medicine practitioners in my area. There’s always a nagging feeling that I get when I seek healing. It always feels like something is missing. Like I can see one half of a page, but not the other.

There was that feeling again. Something isn’t right.

I thought about asking my guides. Why hadn’t I asked my guides? I wondered.

I don’t tend to ask about stuff like that. It seems too practical or too mundane.

But I really do want to ask.

Maybe they would have an answer.

So as I pondered asking, the answer started drifting in. (They work fast.)

Not just the answer, but clearer questions.

Like, “which practice of medicine or healing is best and why?”

Answer, “all and none of them.”

Question, “Oh, so it’s all energy/quantum healing?”

Answer, “Mostly, yes, but also no. But yes, but no.”

And then they expanded:

Yes, the basis of all [in relation to the question] is “energy/quantum”. Meaning, getting to the root of the ‘problem’. The root of the problem can be very roughly described as tangled or stuck energy. Like wiggling a poppy seed out from between your teeth with a toothpick. It’s almost exactly like that. That image. That experience.

Thing is, when you travel to the root of a “problem” energetically, you solve it. You come to a place where it doesn’t exist fairly quickly. So that’s unsatisfying or confusing to some people. That makes no sense. That’s what they think.

So they go back to the problem to try again. Again, the problem disappears, energetically speaking. [Energetically here means that it cannot be detected emotionally, the distress has dispersed.] And so people get caught in a bit of a loop, going back to the already solved problem to solve it.

Now let’s say, they have revisited the problem enough times that they’re fed up with trying to find a solution, or they have physically/emotionally/mentally exhausted themselves. They loop around one final time to the place where the problem doesn’t exist, and are too tired or bored to be Unsatisfied.

The next day [for example] a remedy appears through a series of events and circumstances that “heals” what ails them. Aha! Here is the cure to all things! It’s here! I will tell everyone!

So what was it that worked? The energy work, or the remedy? Or both?

This is a conundrum that is part of the integral interplay of this Life Experience.

Where does Spirit begin and end and where does Physical Reality begin and end? Can you cleave a soul from that which wears that soul? Where does God dwell and what here is void of God?

It’s an interesting conundrum. Is some food more godly than other food? Will this make me well and this make me ill?

What is the truth behind Remedy and Ailment-Relief?

It’s easy. If the problem seems small, and you are not attached to it and you do not identify with it, then the remedy can be almost immediate. It moves from your experience as though it was never there.

If you have identified with the problem for a long time. If you have taken it *Personally*… [Listen to the words, “taken it personally. Taking something personally.” This means you have taken it onto yourself, into yourself. Full identification with displeasure of experience. That’s why they say, don’t take things personally. Especially those things you don’t like!]

If the “problem” has continued for some time to be “yours”, then here is what happens. It’s lovely, really. Creation happens. When you release the problem and no longer hold it as yours, a series of ideas, events, and experiences unfold to remedy your problem.

Just like you developed a relationship with your ailment over time, you then develop a relationship with your “healing” from that ailment. Some people prefer this. It gives them more Life Satisfaction, more creative opportunity.

Some do not like this approach, but they’ve grown accustomed to it for some reason or another.

If you’re already in the middle of having been in relationship with “problem” for “too long”. That’s ok. Listen here. There is a path to solution. This is certain, because you’ve paved a path to “problem”. Trust us, this is how things work. If you know a problem REALLY well, then the solution is known just as well.

Understand that you’ll have to walk your way to the solution, like you’ve walked to the problem many times. So maybe it won’t be as fast as you like, but it’ll be a creative unfolding. In these creative unfoldings is where people have found the words “Healing” and “Medicine” and “Remedy”. Life creates a story that solves a problem.

Life created healers to allow you a path of experience to reach relief, as part of your story. It weaves and ebbs and flows to accommodate your level of acceptance to be Well in whatever ails you. It accommodates your current and decreasing and/or fluctuating levels of identification with “problem”.

Healers come in all shapes and forms, as does medicine. All say, “Let’s walk your path of relief together. Let’s tell the story of your healing.”

You may come across a healer and think, they were horrible! Not helpful at all! But they were a reflection of your level of identification with “problem”. So then you think, hm, okay I’ll work on taking things less personally. I’ll emotionally go back to that place where Problem doesn’t exist for while. I’ll allow this experience to compel me further towards “the healing I know I deserve and have asked for”.

And with fervor, you make some shifts. With more knowing than before, you try something or someone new. On and on, all along knowing you are walking a path.

Soon, you come across what seems like a miracle worker. Or a miraculous experience. Or an experience that make the solution so Obvious! and Easy!

Or, maybe it’s a path that leads to a feeling of walking for a long time and then coming to a place of deep relief at long last. “I earned this.” [You might say, or think.]

So I’m wondering where I am, in relation to certain “problems” I’m having. How much do I identify with them? A good way to know is to listen to how I talk about them to people.

Do I claim them as my own? “I’ve always been that way.” “They told me I was like this.” “I’ve been searching for answers for years; I’ve tried everything.”

It’s a funny thing, identifying “less” with something.

I prefer, in some cases, to apply energy work. Which means, you get to the heart of what you’re really saying. You hold the energy and sift it like flour. Shake, shake, shake, sift, sift, sift. What’s it made out of? What does it want?

It always comes out the same. The problem never wants to exist, it’s already seeking to free itself. So when you listen, you hear its freedom, its relief. And then you follow that trail.

That’s energy work. That’s my forte. It’s about following and listening. It never denies, it just follows where well-being naturally flows. It never condemns, it follows the call for “best”, which constantly changes. It answers only to your Wanting, to your joy, to the well-being of your whole energy body system.

So maybe it’s not too mundane to ask for help in this. To follow the same work that I already know…and see what happens.