What Kind of Medicine Are You?

What ails you? And what is your drug of choice?

I veered away from Western Medicine mainly years ago, having had some experiences that were more harmful than helpful. I dipped a toe in Eastern Medicine. Dabbled in some ancient forms of healing, and meandered my way to Energy Healing.

I ended up in a place that sounded like, “If it calls to you and it feels right, trust yourself.” And that felt best. I use whatever works, when it works.

And I’ve inevitably been faced with certain circumstances where I have to decide, ‘Well, who are you? Who am I? What kind of medicine am I?’

I was presented with such a time again, and I looked up Natural Medicine practitioners in my area. There’s always a nagging feeling that I get when I seek healing. It always feels like something is missing. Like I can see one half of a page, but not the other.

There was that feeling again. Something isn’t right.

I thought about asking my guides. Why hadn’t I asked my guides? I wondered.

I don’t tend to ask about stuff like that. It seems too practical or too mundane.

But I really do want to ask.

Maybe they would have an answer.

So as I pondered asking, the answer started drifting in. (They work fast.)

Not just the answer, but clearer questions.

Like, “which practice of medicine or healing is best and why?”

Answer, “all and none of them.”

Question, “Oh, so it’s all energy/quantum healing?”

Answer, “Mostly, yes, but also no. But yes, but no.”

And then they expanded:

Yes, the basis of all [in relation to the question] is “energy/quantum”. Meaning, getting to the root of the ‘problem’. The root of the problem can be very roughly described as tangled or stuck energy. Like wiggling a poppy seed out from between your teeth with a toothpick. It’s almost exactly like that. That image. That experience.

Thing is, when you travel to the root of a “problem” energetically, you solve it. You come to a place where it doesn’t exist fairly quickly. So that’s unsatisfying or confusing to some people. That makes no sense. That’s what they think.

So they go back to the problem to try again. Again, the problem disappears, energetically speaking. [Energetically here means that it cannot be detected emotionally, the distress has dispersed.] And so people get caught in a bit of a loop, going back to the already solved problem to solve it.

Now let’s say, they have revisited the problem enough times that they’re fed up with trying to find a solution, or they have physically/emotionally/mentally exhausted themselves. They loop around one final time to the place where the problem doesn’t exist, and are too tired or bored to be Unsatisfied.

The next day [for example] a remedy appears through a series of events and circumstances that “heals” what ails them. Aha! Here is the cure to all things! It’s here! I will tell everyone!

So what was it that worked? The energy work, or the remedy? Or both?

This is a conundrum that is part of the integral interplay of this Life Experience.

Where does Spirit begin and end and where does Physical Reality begin and end? Can you cleave a soul from that which wears that soul? Where does God dwell and what here is void of God?

It’s an interesting conundrum. Is some food more godly than other food? Will this make me well and this make me ill?

What is the truth behind Remedy and Ailment-Relief?

It’s easy. If the problem seems small, and you are not attached to it and you do not identify with it, then the remedy can be almost immediate. It moves from your experience as though it was never there.

If you have identified with the problem for a long time. If you have taken it *Personally*… [Listen to the words, “taken it personally. Taking something personally.” This means you have taken it onto yourself, into yourself. Full identification with displeasure of experience. That’s why they say, don’t take things personally. Especially those things you don’t like!]

If the “problem” has continued for some time to be “yours”, then here is what happens. It’s lovely, really. Creation happens. When you release the problem and no longer hold it as yours, a series of ideas, events, and experiences unfold to remedy your problem.

Just like you developed a relationship with your ailment over time, you then develop a relationship with your “healing” from that ailment. Some people prefer this. It gives them more Life Satisfaction, more creative opportunity.

Some do not like this approach, but they’ve grown accustomed to it for some reason or another.

If you’re already in the middle of having been in relationship with “problem” for “too long”. That’s ok. Listen here. There is a path to solution. This is certain, because you’ve paved a path to “problem”. Trust us, this is how things work. If you know a problem REALLY well, then the solution is known just as well.

Understand that you’ll have to walk your way to the solution, like you’ve walked to the problem many times. So maybe it won’t be as fast as you like, but it’ll be a creative unfolding. In these creative unfoldings is where people have found the words “Healing” and “Medicine” and “Remedy”. Life creates a story that solves a problem.

Life created healers to allow you a path of experience to reach relief, as part of your story. It weaves and ebbs and flows to accommodate your level of acceptance to be Well in whatever ails you. It accommodates your current and decreasing and/or fluctuating levels of identification with “problem”.

Healers come in all shapes and forms, as does medicine. All say, “Let’s walk your path of relief together. Let’s tell the story of your healing.”

You may come across a healer and think, they were horrible! Not helpful at all! But they were a reflection of your level of identification with “problem”. So then you think, hm, okay I’ll work on taking things less personally. I’ll emotionally go back to that place where Problem doesn’t exist for while. I’ll allow this experience to compel me further towards “the healing I know I deserve and have asked for”.

And with fervor, you make some shifts. With more knowing than before, you try something or someone new. On and on, all along knowing you are walking a path.

Soon, you come across what seems like a miracle worker. Or a miraculous experience. Or an experience that make the solution so Obvious! and Easy!

Or, maybe it’s a path that leads to a feeling of walking for a long time and then coming to a place of deep relief at long last. “I earned this.” [You might say, or think.]

So I’m wondering where I am, in relation to certain “problems” I’m having. How much do I identify with them? A good way to know is to listen to how I talk about them to people.

Do I claim them as my own? “I’ve always been that way.” “They told me I was like this.” “I’ve been searching for answers for years; I’ve tried everything.”

It’s a funny thing, identifying “less” with something.

I prefer, in some cases, to apply energy work. Which means, you get to the heart of what you’re really saying. You hold the energy and sift it like flour. Shake, shake, shake, sift, sift, sift. What’s it made out of? What does it want?

It always comes out the same. The problem never wants to exist, it’s already seeking to free itself. So when you listen, you hear its freedom, its relief. And then you follow that trail.

That’s energy work. That’s my forte. It’s about following and listening. It never denies, it just follows where well-being naturally flows. It never condemns, it follows the call for “best”, which constantly changes. It answers only to your Wanting, to your joy, to the well-being of your whole energy body system.

So maybe it’s not too mundane to ask for help in this. To follow the same work that I already know…and see what happens.

Published by Readings By Heba

I have over 12 years of experience doing intuitive readings. I've done extensive research into metaphysics, the occult, and faith based religions. I regularly practice meditation and kirtan (devotional yoga). I acknowledge that our lives are made of the seen and the unseen and that Truth is a moving target. I can say only a few things with great conviction after all I have lived. One, life ebbs and flows and it is always up to you to come back into your light. Use every resource you can! Two, the source of all things is light and freedom. You are free to believe whatever you choose to believe, only you can convince or disprove your own ideas. Three, we are dynamic, enigmatic beings. Though society would like us to stay in certain boxes, the truth is we can't. I am so much more than a reader. I live my life with robust joy and great curiosity. Four, I have always been in touch with something that is beyond our conventional ideas of life. I always felt something beyond my five senses. There is a part of me that relishes in diving into the depths of existence. Into those lighter layers of perception. I like feeling where the flow of life is moving. And I truly enjoy doing it with others. Lastly, I am a lover at the core of my being. I love devotional practice. I love adoring the world and everything in it. I seek to shine my light wherever I go. Of course we experience hard times, I just make the absolute most out of all the other times.

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