How Did I Get Here?

The other day I had a reading that seemed to endlessly flow from me. Whether a reading flows like a clear river or comes out in bursts and stops has everything to do with the individual asking the questions. There isn’t anything more satisfying and glorious than a good question-asker!

What makes it good? Of course there is no right or wrong in a reading, but there is a difference in the robustness of the stream of information coming through depending on the asker.

What makes it robust or ‘good’ is the clarity of the question and the depth of the desire to know the answer. And of course a willingness on their part to receive the answer, but that is ‘a given’ when a question is asked with clarity. It means they are already prepared to receive the answer.

So, in that reading that flowed like a clear river, I remembered part of it that seemed to really Light me up. I wanted to go back and listen to it, to transcribe it and experience it again.

I attempt to edit channeled transcriptions in a way that makes them easier to read, but keeps the overall flow intact. I try to add punctuation, some sentence structure, and omit repeated words [unless it feels like I should leave them].

I thought I would share this, in case it Lights up for anyone and causes a feeling of upliftment, as it did for me.

Q: Who are those spirits, you keep saying guiding, guides, spirits, who’s there?
collective: You could call them angels, although they don’t like to be called angels.
So, when you’re born into this time space, you come from somewhere. And that somewhere, is a state of bliss.
We like to refer to it as a Light Space filled with what you might call white light that feels like love and elevation and togetherness. And in that space, it’s all shared. So all consciousness knows each other and themselves. A space of together. Togetherness. Heba refers to it as Home.
So these readings are an attempt to bridge your Now perspective as you’ve lived a human life with the perspective of your Origin Point before you entered this time-space, where what you knew to your very core was love and connection and togetherness and elevation.
And it was from that perspective that you decided to dive in and have an experience that was Different Than That. And so in these readings, we attempt to create a bridge between the two perspectives of you and give you some relief by letting the Light Space and this space merge for you-or have overlap, so that you can feel some relief.
This space-reality that you’re in has so many real specifics, it feels concrete. But of course, as you go deeper into it, you see that it’s just composed of light and energy. And it’s this human perspective that allows you to perceive it as so real. And that’s a beautiful perspective, because it allows you to have something called a life that has continuity and detail.
But sometimes that life is too real, feels constricting. And so part of you resists that, because you know who-you-are, you know that you’re free. And that all of this is just an experience based in light and energy movement.
So you don’t want to disconnect from the perspective, your human perspective, completely or for too long. But there comes relief, when you remember your origin point or the origin place. And remember that things aren’t actually that serious or that real, but you’re choosing for them to be serious or real, because you intended to have a human experience where you’re immersed in detail.
And so, for you, specifically, when we speak to your spirit, we’re speaking to the consciousness that decided to have a human experience from that very, kind of…angelic lightspace. And then the spirits or guides around you are, you could say, your spirit family, or consciousness that you were extra connected to in that light space.
And so they haven’t materialized with you, but they’re still connected to you. And so they are there to cheer you on, to attempt to give you relief when you seek it. To remember, help you remember that you are Part-Of, you can never be Separate-From and that you are always home.
And so it’s consciousness that has a different perspective than you – a broader perspective. So that when you’re very into your tight, detail oriented human perspective, they can attempt to give you a bit of a broader perspective.
And so they love and care about you and, and, and travel with you and your life. So anytime that you have a moment of relief from burdens, or you see things from a completely new perspective, or something dawns on you that didn’t / wasn’t there before. It’s because you’re softening your perspective, softening your view, a bit, your human view.
And so you allow for some broader view to come in, and it gives you new breath, fresh breath, fresh perspective, new idea. All solutions are already with the problem. And what happens is when someone’s focused on a problem, they’re super zoomed in. And then all invention or spontaneous solution comes from broadening that focus. And the solution that was already there, becomes available to be perceived.
So maybe that was too much, but it was the answer to your question.

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I have over 12 years of experience doing intuitive readings. I've done extensive research into metaphysics, the occult, and faith based religions. I regularly practice meditation and kirtan (devotional yoga). I acknowledge that our lives are made of the seen and the unseen and that Truth is a moving target. I can say only a few things with great conviction after all I have lived. One, life ebbs and flows and it is always up to you to come back into your light. Use every resource you can! Two, the source of all things is light and freedom. You are free to believe whatever you choose to believe, only you can convince or disprove your own ideas. Three, we are dynamic, enigmatic beings. Though society would like us to stay in certain boxes, the truth is we can't. I am so much more than a reader. I live my life with robust joy and great curiosity. Four, I have always been in touch with something that is beyond our conventional ideas of life. I always felt something beyond my five senses. There is a part of me that relishes in diving into the depths of existence. Into those lighter layers of perception. I like feeling where the flow of life is moving. And I truly enjoy doing it with others. Lastly, I am a lover at the core of my being. I love devotional practice. I love adoring the world and everything in it. I seek to shine my light wherever I go. Of course we experience hard times, I just make the absolute most out of all the other times.

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