Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Spiritual Coaching?

Because I read information about the whole of who you are, I’m able to advise based on a holistic view of what is in alignment with your highest well-being. This takes into account the trajectory you’re on, and the easiest path from where you are to where you would like to be. I support you to make change and movement wherever you need assistance in your life.

Q: Are you able to contact a loved one who has passed on?

I can connect with the spirit of your loved one. I allow them to take the lead as far as letting me know where they are, what they’re experiencing, what’s best for their soul’s progression. I find that it is best to let their spirit say what they would like, rather than asking them specific questions. It is my guidance to honor where they are now, rather than reflect on the past. To get to know their new perspective rather than look back on the old. This is my highest guidance. I would not refer to myself as a Medium in this way, I have very specific connections points which only honor their soul’s progression. Meaning, I come through to answer their questions and relay their messages first and foremost. This is my guidance and stance of greatest connection and knowing. I create a bridge for connection, but do not allow them to speak directly through my body.

A side note here, the most benefit you can bring to a loved one that has passed is to honor their progression. See them moving forward in light, releasing them from their past life. Say things like, you are free now, blessed one. I honor your path, I send light to you on your path. Move forward and enjoy yourself. I smile, thinking of you. I smile thinking of your beautiful soul. I release you, honoring your new beginning. I’m excited for you. I know that we’re still together in love and light. I smile knowing this. This is the greatest act of love. Especially for someone who is newly passed on. Try not to hold on to them. This can be difficult, but do your best. It is of greatest benefit to them to let go, knowing they’re still with you but in a different way. They are on a grand new adventure, and this is the biggest support you can grant them.

Q: What about the Akashic field? Can you access the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Field and Records refer to a plane where all human history is held. Some can access this field and know more about themselves, past lives, etc. They can also tap into your records, as well as teach others how to tap in themselves.

My guides have not referred to this field by this name. They have referred to the “database of eternal knowledge” where all knowing is known. To me, it seems similar to what I understand the Akashic Field to be. But I have not been guided to refer to it in this way. We travel not only into this database, but anywhere that brings forth information valuable to the person I’m reading, or the question being asked.

I love seers, channels, and intuitives of all kinds! Those who connect into the Akashic Records also deliver messages of love, light, and clarity in my experience.

Q: Can I record my reading?

Please do! I prefer audio recording to video, but if you would like the camera pointed on you that’s okay with me.

Q: What if I have questions after my reading?

I offer a follow-up session at a reduced rate if you would like to come back and chat about what transpired in the reading. I’ll still be connecting to my guides and yours during this follow up, but less formally.

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